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    Media & Entertainment

    We help enable M&E clients monetize information.

    Since our first Media & Entertainment project, we’ve been helping our clients receive value from digital innovation. We have set the goal of bringing rich and proven platforms and solutions that assist our clients in effective organization and monetization of information.

    Intetics employs advanced technologies to drive business value to our clients. With the experience and knowledge behind us, we know how to create solutions that keep your users continually engaged. With our market expertise, we are able to provide the following solutions for our clients:

    • Media portals
    • Social networks
    • Electronic information guides
    • Digital asset management
    • Document and content management
    • Data processing
    • Portals & communities
    • Dedicated teams for systems management and support

    Desk-Net is a new platform for cross-media newsroom management targeted at medium-size and large publishing houses. It helps to plan appointments, manage stories, co-ordinate staff, control beats, and streamline cross-media workflows. Thus, it makes the whole range of publishing processes less time-consuming and therefore a lot more productive. In the developed system stories and appointments can be easily assigned to employees. Every user has his/her own personal site where his/her assignments can be tracked. A simple and easy-to-use “Notes” function enables managers to inform their staff. Specific days and sections can be selected for targeted communication. Personnel – internal or external – can get access to certain sections only, thus being restricted in viewing information that is not directly related to their work. Automated email notifications are sent out to inform users about new entries or changes in existing ones. Nowadays the service is used by about 8 companies and the number of customers continues to expand.

    Silicon Systems is a Wokingham, U.K. based company delivering leading-edge, highly supported IT solutions. Flowmation, its primary product, combines Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Project Management tools to help advertising, print and publishing firms easily organize their assets into projects that are accessible to both local and remote project participants. Flowmation was initially developed by staff in-house. However, as Silicon’s user base grew, end-user support and customer requests for more functionality increasingly began to absorb more time and effort. The current team could no longer handle the requests, and at the same time it did not seem possible to expand it quickly and at a reasonable cost within the U.K.

    The initial challenge faced by Intetics was centered on updating and enhancing a Web-based application earlier developed by the Client team that was used by content providers and call center operators and intended for quick access to classified marketing information.

    UK’s bookmaker company manages 5 million customer orders a day. Their existing system was falling behind, as it was built using old technologies that were hard to scale. The system was becoming slow, increasingly hard to support, and it was difficult to add new functionalities.

    The bookmaker was looking for a partner to update the system and add new features such as automatization of registrations and information exchange, better scan and recognition of tickets and improved process of clarifying results with easier access to individual accounts.

    The project involves entry and processing of auto-related data which is then used as content for the client’s online information systems (Electronic Information Guides). We have designed a set of tools that extract information from various text and graphic sources and bring it to a unified format in the database. The information is presented in the way allowing its further transformation into the format displayed to end-users. Intetics’ implementations allow us to process vast amounts of information in short spaces of time while avoiding human-factor errors due to process automation. This is a technology-intensive back-end project which helps to optimize the production cycle of the client’s company.

    A social networking platform for students (in particular college and university students in Europe) based in Germany. Today it is one of the largest and fastest growing European student network used by about 15,000,000 students mostly in the German-speaking countries. After a successful start in October 2005 the owners decided to attract a new audience from different European countries. Intetics performed the system’s internationalization and website scaling. Owing to flexibility in functionality configuration, which was proposed and implemented by Intetics, the client was able to create a separate version of the project for pupils which was launched in February 2007 and which quickly attained the number of almost three million members.

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